Workshop ideas


Photographic Workshops:

May I propose a beginning workshop for the Palm Springs Photographic Center, called:

  • NO FLASH, Added Light Source or Traditional Tripod.
  • How many times have you been in an ideal photographic situation, “take as many photos as you like, just don’t use a flash or trip people with your tripod.
  • Using teamwork, your camera’s manual settings, the challenge of this workshop, learn to be resourceful with available light and the setting on your camera, with inventive unusual ways to stabilize your camera, in an unfamiliar setting.
  • Venue ideas: 1 or 2 public locations at night or in the evening. Prime idea Thursday night Palm Springs Villagefest, there’s lots, please feel to add to the list.
  • 2 days workshop: evening of the shoot and next day, show & tell, critique at the Palm Springs Photographic Center, with possible next steps for exceptional photos.
  • Workshop fee could include a quality prints for each workshop participant.
  • This is a collaborative project, please add your ideas and become get involved.